Second Life Sci-Fi Convention 2017

The Sci-Fi Convention is present in the Second Life virtual world year after year, this time however its arrival is special – because it’s the tenth time when it does so. As usual, there are tons of unique booths filled with climatic goodies: Star Trek, Star Wars, robots, general science fiction and fantasy or even a bit of steampunk here and there. Large tentacles and monorail transportation system also have found their places. Originally a charity party at the beginning, nowadays its a full-blown ceremony for fans and people who are curious enough to take a look, taking place at six regions: Life (Forty Two), Earth (Halcyon), Fire (Blaze Inferna), Water (Ebb N Flow), Air (Zephyrus) and Equilibrium (Akasharon). Got lost? Try to poke anyone around and ask for directions and information, you may be surprised how helpful and gentle people visit the Con.

It’s not only that, however; Relay For Life cancer thingy also has made an appearance, as the adjacent region is American Cancer Society – it’s a good idea to support them if possible! If someone would like to have a brief pause from the futuristic themes, the memorial garden nearby is a nice place to visit. “Catt Gable created the original Memorial Garden for ACS Island and took great care to ensure those who lost someone special were able to offer a tribute in the world they inhabited in Second Life and out of it.  On August 19th, Catt lost her own battle with cancer so in her memory we have created a new Memorial Garden and aptly named it The Catt Gable Memorial Garden.  We are grateful to have known her and to have her as a part of ACS Island.”

The launch took place two days ago, at the 24th or March. Everything will be available for the next week, until 2nd of April. Even if you’re not that much interested in becoming a nerd I’d suggest to beam in to the Convention and admire the buildings and structures themselves, as they’re often masterpieces made just for this year, pleasant for eye and interesting to explore. Like the “Starfleet Renaissance” one, my personal favourite – I love water in the middle.

Here’s a small gallery of what I’ve found especially catching my eye. Please note however, that it’s a better idea to take a look yourself!

It’s worth to check out these as well:

Beaming into the 2017 Second Life Sci-Fi Convention


Author: Sarah Whitten

A freelance reporter and journalist, who exists mostly in Second Life virtual world.

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